05.05.05 Ė Update


Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!


I didnít know until a couple of years ago what that was or when it was. Iíve led a sheltered life.


Sometime in mid-April I quit taking the medication for incontinence. Thank God. I think it was April 12th. The urologist will be blown away with this news. I just felt like I didnít need to take it anymore. I have been fine ever since.


Like I said before, the pads are like a security blanket. I donít REALLY need them. But, I will continue to use them until I feel like I can do without them safely.


I go to see Dr. Kaz next week. I had a PSA test last month and will get the results from that test next week. I imagine he wouldíve called if it were 0.2 or higher.


This visit he said he would like to work on erections. I hate to tell him that Iím happy just the way I am. But, I donít think heís going to believe that. Weíll see. If we do start working on that I donít think Iíll post that on the web siteÖ unless itís something that belongs under the Too Much Information section.


I have started to get Arthritis in my thumbs. Itís irritating. I thought it might be a symptom of the Lupron. But, itís not. http://www.lupron-side-effects.com/


I weigh almost 210 lbs now. Itís the most Iíve ever weighed. It is mainly from dealing with my mother and grandmotherís death. I have been eating more with my father and not following my usual eating habits. But, Iím working on that now. Iíve bought a Jack La Lanne juicer and am juicing carrots and apples. I love the juicer. And, I kinda like carrot juice. Itís an odd flavor but, still good.


I go in for a physical today with a new doctor. Iíll let her know about the arthritis and get her opinion. No more DRE!!! No more Turn Your Head and Cough. How nice!!!

I hesitate in saying this because people may want to quiz me on what I really mean but, I have to say that Iíve been really blessed this last year. God has been really good to me.