Update Ė 5-22-05


Wow. Everything is simply amazingÖ


Iíve gone rowing lately, a LOT. I went rowing with Janet on May 7th, 8th and 9th. We started at JRC, between Cesery and University Blvd bridges. We rowed up to the Matthews bridge, turned around and rowed to Atlantic Blvd and back to JRC. Thatís the length of a head race, twice. A head race is about 5 K or 3.1 milesÖ 10 K total. So, Iíd say I rowed over 18.5 miles over 3 days.


Last Saturday, May 14th, I rowed with Stef. We did the same course as above. On Tuesday, May 17th, we rowed past the Matthews bridgeÖ Stef said, ďWhat? We arenít going to go to JU?Ē GrrrÖ So, we continued on and rowed up to JUís boat house. Then, we turned around and went back to Atlantic Blvd. That row was at LEAST 8 milesÖ more like 10 miles. So, Iíd say that was at least 14 miles for the 2 days.


On Saturday May 21st, I rowed with Janet up to the Matthews Bridge and then to Episcopalís boat house (thatís almost to Atlantic Blvd). Then, after that, Stef jumped in the boat and we rowed up to the Landing and back to JRC. Iím a little sore. Iíd say that was about 10 or 11 miles.


On Sunday May 22nd, Janet and I rowed up to the mouth of the Arlington River and then turned around and rowed to Atlantic Blvd. Then, we rowed back to the mouth of the Arlington River and back to JRC. Iíd say that was about 4 miles. Today was really nice. I stroked and Janet rowed in bow. We did pretty well together today.


Iím doing fantastic.


Back in April, around the 12th, I stopped taking the medication for incontinence. I just felt like I didnít need it anymore. About a week or two after that I quit wearing the manly pads.


I am really doing fantastic.


I went for my follow-up visit with the urologist last Tuesday. He just asked how I was doing. I said great. He asked me the Ďhardí question. I said I was happy with the way I am. (Get it???) That was about it. I came to realize that the Lupron capsule has a co-insurance that I have to pay. The cost of the capsule was $6,000. My part was $1,000. Ouch.


The PSA is still 0.1, thatís great. I went to the doctor and had some blood work done for my physical. That all came back great.


Iíve been juicing apples and oranges. Plus, Iím eating raisins and grapes. They are supposed to be good for fighting cancer. I think the apples have had a unique affect on my bodyÖ glow in the dark ahemÖ ahemÖ you figure it out.


OhÖ the arthritis is MUCH better. The doctor wanted me to take fish oil pills, a multi-vitamin that included Selenium and Saw Palmetto. It also includes things like Sweet Cherry, Black Tea, Ginger, Green Tea and Grape Seed Extract. She also suggested Glucosamine for the arthritis. Yesterday, Saturday, was the first day I have awaken and not had my left thumb popping in and out of the joint. Amazing. I am also taking Shaklee Herb-Lax and an Iron Plus C Complex supplement.


Iím hoping to go row with Stef early Tuesday afternoon and with Marley at 6:30 am on Friday. I may squeeze in a few more rows with Stef this week as well. Wow. Heís an awesome rower and I want to get in as many rows as possible before he goes off to college. Then, Friday the choir is going to Adel, Ga to sing at SpringHead Baptist church. Yaíll are welcome to come. Yee Haw.