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The Jacksonville Baptist Association worked in conjunction with the Mississippi Baptist Association to get volunteers to go to various sites in Mississippi to help do whatever was needed.


I saw the information in the choir room at church and wanted to go. This is after going up to New Jersey the week before and spending 50+ hours working on the Disaster Recovery Test. I got Friday and Monday off as comp days. I mentioned what I wanted to do with Ian and he said, “Let’s go.” So, we did. He got his friend, Brandon, to go as well. Brandon’s fun. It made for a fun trip.


We left on Friday at 1:00 pm and arrived around 10:00 pm that night. We started working on Saturday at 9:00 am and didn’t stop until 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm that night. It was a LONG day.


The cost for the trip was $30. The money went towards gas, oil, chain saws and other things like food. I was able to drive my car and they reimbursed me for the gas. I put right at 1000 miles on my car. We stayed at the First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The other volunteers were divided into two groups and went to either Biloxi or Pascagoula. We wanted to get our hands really dirty… and, boy… did we ever.


We got to sleep in the pre-school building on air mattresses. We brought sleeping bags and sheets as well as towels plus, some other ‘supplies’.


Everything went EXTREMELY well. God was in everything we did…. Thanks to everybody who prayed for us. We should’ve gotten sun burned like you wouldn’t believe… but, that didn’t happen.


The people in Ocean Springs were friendly and appreciative of our help. It was a joy to serve.


I took pictures with my camera. And, when the batteries … which I fully charged the night before… quit working, I took pictures with my phone. So, I’ve divided the pictures up by day and by camera or by phone.


I’m glad I took Monday off. We needed the day to chill out and get a few things done. I’d like to do this again sometime soon. There’s still things to do for people who can’t do for themselves…